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"Best Pashtu learning technology on the iPhone"

"Salam wall-a comb! Once through the app, and I still remember many of the phrases six weeks later!" - Whit Kemmey

"This Pashto app is exactly what it says it is: a fun and unforgettable way to learn Pashto!"

"I scored an 'Awesome' on the skills assessment after 12 minutes of training"

"Who knew that scratching in dust on the floor of a cave could be the smartest classroom of all!?"

"The creators of this app have a great sense of humor and it shows through to make learning fun. I'd like to see this in other languages."

"Making a friend in Afghanistan is better than wielding any weapon" - Retired CIA Agent

"If the fundamental function of weapons is to destroy enemies and protect friends, this is perhaps the most cost effective and efficient weapon in our arsenal. If we destroy the enmity within the foe, we are able to save a lot in fuel, equipment and personnel, without risking collateral casualties" - Dell Blair

In regards to making friends in Afghanistan USA Today stated, "Tough, effective and aware that forming alliances with people rather than killing them is how to defeat an insurgency like the Taliban"

This app will help you gain enough of a foothold in Pashto so you can begin to make friends with Pashto speakers. Within the first 10 minutes you can learn more than ten phrases in Pashto by using what you already know! This Pashto app enables you to do this by giving you mnemonic bridges we call VelcroPatches.

This app differs from any language teaching devices you've ever seen.

It's about reality, about making friends with Pashto speakers. It gives you whole phrases, phrases you can easily master, and hold on to, and put to practical use.

This Pashto app starts off with a set of just 10 phrases -- then more if you want to continue and download additional sets of ten. Getting the first 10-phrase foothold will open up an exciting new learning landscape for you. With that start, you can already begin making friends - This is the goal, to make friends. Making a friend is more effective than any weapon.

Download "Pashto" and in an incredibly short time become one of the only people you know that can speak and understand some Pashto! The purpose of this app is to provide Pre-Deployment Language Training (PDLT) to enable the acquisition of minimal language competency adequate to start making friends. It works on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Learning 10 Pashto phrases in 10 minutes, imagine what you can do in an hour? Play "Pashto" and see where it leads you.

This app is recommended for anyone who is going to Afghanistan as well as to those who know someone who is going.


App Features:
- VelcroPatch technology introduction video (How can I learn Pashto?)
- Training on the first ten VelcroPatch phrases
- Unique mnemonic devices to include picture, sound and meaning to make the phrases "stick" to the brain
- Access individual phrases for review
- Pickergame to test your skills in converting from English to Pashto and Pashto to English
- Unlock bonus VelcroPatch content once 100% is scored in the skills assessment picker games
- Invite friends to learn and speak with you (In just ten minutes, anyone can learn and play!)

- Pashto, a major language of Afghanistan, is also the major language of the Taliban. It is sometimes called Pashtu, Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto, or Pushtu.

- The training approach and content for this application are developed by Dr. Robert W. Blair and Dell Blair. Having taught within the university and k-12 environments for more than 40 years, they have generated innovative approaches to language learning.

- Please email questions, concerns or issues to