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Haypi Kingdom Calculator HD

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If you play Haypi Kingdom, then you NEED Haypi Kingdom Calculator! Haypi Kingdom Calculator has many functions, with more coming in every update! Currently included are a resource/troop calculator, a Transport Calculator, a Marching Time Calculator, and a Starve Calculator! Also included are lots of Guides/Tips for Haypi. These include guides on fort farming, oasis capturing, prestige gaining, and so much more! And, as of v1.3, a Player Tracker has been introduced. With the all new Player Tracker, you can track all your Haypi stats, including prestige, troops, resources, and anything else you could possibly think of!!

Calculator Functions:
Resource/troop calculator: has two functions. It lets you see how many resources you need to build a certain amount of troops. It also lets you see how many troops you can build based on how many resources you have.

Transport calculator: tells you exactly how many resources you can carry depending on your amount of troops!

Marching Time Calculator: Lets you know exactly how much time you will need to attack from anywhere on the map!

Starve Calculator[Coming in v 1.4]: Never have to worry about how long your troops have until they starve!

Many more functions/features are coming soon! And until v1.1 Haypi Kingdom Calculator will be on sale for just .99!!! So get it now, while the sale lasts!!!