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Baby Video Flashcards HD by SpongeWords

  • Education
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SpongeWords is a revolutionary way to engage your child while learning hundreds of vocabulary words. Babies who learn how to recognize spelled words early tend to read extremely early. Some children have been known to read as early as 2 years old! See what families from all over the world are using.

SpongeWords uses a unique method of showing the child the words, then playing a video describing the word. Children are actually watching motion videos which keep them engaged much longer than still images. Children get bored very easily. There are literally hundreds of different videos, all recorded in HD, that keep the child interested for hours at a time. Just sit her down in her favorite seat of the house and your baby can read the words right off the screen.

The innovative system works like this: first, the word is displayed on the screen and voiced audibly. Then a short video, like an animated flash card, is played. The word is displayed at the top of the video at all times to remind the child that this word belongs to this video. After the video is complete, the word is repeated and the cycle continues with the next word. It’s simple, but extremely effective. Check out the website to see more screen shots and demo videos!

Before you know it, your toddler will be learning, recognizing, and speaking new words. The motion flashcard system will keep your baby focused for hours, absorbing new vocabulary like a sponge.