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SHHH!! You are entering the library zone to play a word jumble game. Lilly Brian is in charge of the info desk and wants to make a nice display of books to form words...Only thing is she's a bit dyslexic. Some letters are not only in the wrong spot, but they are upsidedown! And sideways! That's ok, in fact, it will be a challenge! Some words will be tricky to descramble but others will be easier. Help her rearrange the books to form real words! You'll get a one word hint below for further assistance every word. Please be quiet! Every new word gives Lilly Brian an apple!


Drag and drop book action!

As the world turns: Spin the globe to rotate books directly under the globe! See screenshot with Lilly on left, when she is hitting the globe. Each time the globe spins the book directly under it rotates 45 degrees.

When Lilly is on the right she can hit the microscope to examine the position of the books. This will reveal the blue arrow icons to show which way the book is (for harder letters like N, W, M, etc). Hitting the glasses directly under it
lets her see books normally with the red spine of the book being correct when on the left side.

If you forget any of this you can hit the "hint below" desk-sign to reveal the crumpled page of information.

Each word you solve is a password to jump to that level (if you have to take a bathroom break/come back at a later date so your homework is to recall the words you make).
Doesn't apply on the first word though.

An apple-meter! The more apples the more advanced you are.

If you like word games check out VOWEL TOWEL also approved by apple. This is for the younger set as it is a three letter word game but still fun. Other games to follow,
such as bible, educational, unusual, and more...