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birdJam HeadsUp Warblers

iPhone / iPad
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birdJam HeadsUp Warblers – Identify More Warblers!

Truly designed as a “field tool” for identifying North American warblers, HeadsUp Warblers provides exactly what you need in the field:

1. What does the bird look like?
2. What does the bird sound like?
3. Should it be here at this time of year?

These key elements are cleverly organized to allow fast comparison of species by sight, sound or range map. You quickly select species by glancing at photographs arranged by similarity. Or select birds by tapping a sound characteristic such as “buzzy” or “ascending.”

Then, narrow your selection by comparing range maps and sound snippets.

Everything in this app is thoughtfully designed for use on an iPod Touch or iPhone:

- Photos perfectly sized for the screen
- Range maps centered on the region where the bird actually occurs
- Finger-sized buttons

Once you’ve selected the species you want to compare, drill down to details about each species, including the most comprehensive collection of songs, sounds, calls and chips from the famed Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

- Multiple tracks for each species
- As many as 12 tracks for some species
- More than 3 minutes of songs/sounds for some species
- The most common song provided first
- Individual tracks identified by month and state or province recorded
- Chip note tracks labeled separately
- Ability to repeat all tracks or specific tracks
- Counter provided for all tracks or specific track

The display is uncluttered and provides:

- 57 species, “common” (is any warbler common?) as well as rarities and vagrants
- Definitive photographs by renowned bird photographers including males, females and alternate plummage
- Cornell Lab of Ornithology range maps
- Concise and savvy identification clues
- Species names displayed in English, Scientific, Spanish and/or French
- Segmentation by East, West or All species
- Select 3, 4 or 5 species per column
- Back button for easy and fast navigation
- Volume control
- Screen “pinching” or expansion to view details
- iPod-based Help Screen

Song type categories include such helpful groups as Ascending, Descending, Ending “Meetcha”, Repetitive Notes, Trill, Chipping Trill, High Pitch, Squeaky, Buzzy, Finch-like, Slurs Notes and Chattery/Harsh.

This app is so cleverly designed and so intuitive to use you’ll wonder why all birding apps are not designed this way. Only birdJam HeadsUp Warblers!