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Make A Word

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A Nice Phonics Word Game for Kids . Make A Word is an excellent word game for kids.The design of the application is very simple and attractive.This app has a great collection of words and its very useful to learn correct pronunciation.Application enriched with various backgrounds,funny pictures and child sound.It supports all orientations.It will be a great educational tool for your kids. Make A Word is a cool app and its very useful to check kids current spelling skills.Great app for cool price! ................................... Customer's Review .................................... Make A Word is such an interesting application which makes easier for me to learn correct pronunciation of different words. Graphics and font size of each word are designed awesome and through it I can easily get knowledge of several words in all new and stylish way. Best App for children!!! ( ........ This is one of my current "dock apps" so I hope you understand I like it and think it a good use of precious learning time. Why do I think this app is better than the WF sliders, flipbooks, posters.... the illustration, the spoken word, the blending of the word with visual support. the opportunity for practice that doesn't involve me (no copies, cutting, laminating or time). Plus, the kids think it's a game. They never think the flipbooks are a game. I have used this in class, as a center activity kids can choose off the dock and as a small group "transition activity" while I got something ready for the group. (Read full Review :