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**Though not made specifically for the iPad, AccuDraw is very functional and used with much success on the iPad.

If the update is not working, please delete the app and reinstall. That will most likely solve the problem. Please contact if there are any issues. Most likely we'll be able to help.

Is there anything more frustrating than finishing your drawing or painting only to realize that your proportions are not accurate? Don't waste your time rendering the perfect head only to find that it's way too big for the body.

We've all been there:) The truth is, sometimes we become so attached to a drawing or painting that we stop seeing objectively. It's not until a few hours later or maybe the next day that we notice the serious flaws. Well, AccuDraw can help anyone address those concerns with a foolproof method for checking your proportions as you go. No more guessing...AccuDraw will help you measure the correct proportions...find the key landmarks and ensure that your next piece is right on!

Use AccuDraw to guide you step by step, or do what we do, simply use it to check your proportions after you've sketched them in. In either case, This program can literally TEACH you how to see accurately! With the Help of AccuDraw, any artist can arrive at correct overall proportions for their drawings or paintings.

It's nothing magical. AccuDraw implements techniques used by the masters for centuries. If you currently use measuring techniques or use plumb lines, AccuDraw can help you do it more accurately than you ever imagined.

Take a photo of your subject matter and apply the appropriate grid to help lay in size relationships. The AccuDraw app implements principles found in the Accurasee Measurement System, but can also be used simply as a gridding system.

AccuDraw WILL make a difference for any artist, professional or amateur.

We truly believe in our products and will do whatever it takes to make them the best they can be.

Thanks and keep drawing!