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This app will warn for speed cameras and offers a way to track and share your location.
You can also view a map of cameras around you.

TrackerTag is meant to keep the driver from driving unsafely because of fear of tickets.
We would like the driver to pay more attention to the traffic instead of focussing on the speedometer and the side of the road.
A driver should pay attention to the traffic around him/her and apply the rules that are applicable.

If you are looking for a way to do speeding without getting the tickets, you should not look here for a solution.
This is not meant to avoid tickets, but to drive safely, and driving safely will keep tickets away.

You can also send your current location to a server, to share your location with friends or to keep track of your journeys, travel times and distances.
Location will be send to your own server or a TrackerMap server.
Support for GPSGate and Latitude will be added soon.

TrackerTag uses the FoxyTag tagging system for speed cams.
This means you will be linked to other users by analysing your cam reporting habits.
So if you report cams accurately, you will get cams from other users that report cams accurately.
And if you report fire hydrants as cameras, you will get warnings from other people that report fire hydrants...

If you see a camera, you tap the screen when you are next to the camera.
Tap once for cameras that checks traffic in your direction, twice for cameras in the other direction and three times for both directions.
After tapping, TrackerTag will show you 4 options: report a mobile cam, fixed cam, removed cam, or cancel the report.
Usually you don't have to do anything and accept the suggestion that TrackerTag makes (mobile/fixed).
After a few seconds, TrackerTag will send the report to the server, and link you to other users that tag the same way.
It will send you new cameras that you can confirm when you see them.

Unfortunately, the connection to the FoxyTag servers is not free.
You can use the test account for a while to see how it works.
If you like it, you can get a proper account and pay a little money for the subscription.

You can find the Privacy Policy here:
You can find the Terms of Use here: