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My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game

iPhone / iPad
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Practice your receptive American Sign Language (ASL) skills with My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game. Learn ASL letters, test and review, select your game speed and test options, all while having fun. It’s perfect for kids and adults, alike. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

Best finger spelling app! - 5 stars
“This is a great app for receptive skills. I especially like the spell option... helps eliminate the 'fudge factor' and having the different speed options together with the great graphics makes this app well worth getting for anyone trying to improve his or her ability to read finger spelled words.”
- ASL Student Mo

You and your youngster are cuddling in a chair with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in your lap. While you sat down for some bonding time and educational fun for your child, you’re learning and enjoying, too. The two of you are becoming well-versed in the basics of American Sign Language (ASL).

My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game is a unique, fun way to learn, review and test yourself in beginner ASL letters and words. Thanks to the flexible options, it’s an app for the whole family to play with and pick up a new language.

If this is your first exposure to ASL, you may want to familiarize yourself with the alphabet. It’s easy to access from right inside My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game. The more difficult letters are shown from more than one view to help you accurately make the sign and get really good at it. Practice, memorize then tackle one of the test games to see how you’re doing.

The app lets you pick from two different play modes, so go ahead and use multiple choice or opt for typing your response. Do it whichever way you want.

Decided to play with the list option? Great. Now, you get to select whether the app will display two, three or four possible answers. If the kids are playing, you may want to start with two and gradually add more options as their skills improve.

There’s a QWERTY keyboard included in the application but you can use an ABCDEF layout, to make it easier for young children to make their answer selections from.

By now, you’ve probably got the idea that My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game is really flexible, offering you lots of personalized settings but there’s even more. In addition to all of the other features mentioned, you also get to play the game using only three, four or five letter words, or a combination of words. You can even set the game’s speed to slow, medium, fast or expert to ensure that the right level of challenge to test but not overwhelm, is being played.

Yes, My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game adjusts to your progress. Have a look at just some of the features you get in this application:
* Very easy to use, clean and attractive interface
* Contains more than 1750 ASL words!
* Detailed alphabet how-to included for beginners
* Test settings are fully customizable
* Choose from multiple choice lists or typing answers
* Select the number of letter per words to test with
* Set the game’s speed from slow to expert
* Comes with QWERTY and ABCDEF keyboards
* Grows along with your skill level
* Perfect for all ages to increase their ASL receptive skills!

So, start slow, move from multiple choice to typing in your answers. Keep playing until your skills are top notch!

Why not download My Smart Hands Finger Spelling Game now and get the whole family involved after dinner tonight?

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