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Secure Password Safe

iPhone / iPad
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Manage and protect your passwords with Secure Password Safe.

Every time you enter your password in a public place or in areas with video surveillance, you create a risk of an intruder figuring out your password from your finger touches and the characters visibly shown on the screen. An unwanted access can cause social and financial havoc, not to mention a big HEADACHE!

This app is designed to keep your passwords safe from prying eyes and encourages you to create complex, long, and different passwords for your accounts. K33p THE h@cker$ gue$SinG!

Features in a nutshell!

✓ Tap to copy password to your device clipboard. No more typing long passwords every time you need to log in!

✓ Tap and Hold to expose additional options!

✓ Privacy Protector! Shake to clear your clipboard on the device!

✓ 26 Categories to choose from to organize your passwords!

✓ Stored password never visible unless you want to see it! You are in control!

✓ Nuke option to blow out all your passwords!

✓ Safari Launcher! Copies the password and launches the website in Safari! All you need to do is enter your username and paste the password to get in!

✓ Pick your frequently used passwords as your favorites! All favorites are easily identified by a ★!

✓ Continues in our passion in making data entry easy! We are famous for this! Try it and you will love it!

✓ No Ads!

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This app was designed and developed in California.