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Ultimate Charades with Customisation

iPhone / iPad
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Charades is one of the all-time classic party games, and we bring it to the iPhone with a new twist. Put the things that matter to your family and friends right in the game!

Most charades games come with a fixed set of suggestions, (and Ultimate Charades has over 2000 of them) but our suggestions can also be customised to add your own favourite people, movies or things, and to delete any you don't feel are relevant to you.

No longer do you have to play a game with TV Shows or celebrities that aren't known in your country.

• Selection buttons let you choose exactly which categories you want suggestions from. Get suggestions from multiple categories, or just one.

• Add, edit or delete all the suggestions in each category.

• Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Songs, Celebrities, Animals, Occupations, Objects, and Famous Phrases.

• A timer starts automatically every time you get a new suggestion.

As well as Charades, you could use the suggestions in this app to play a number of variations:

* Reverse Charades
The group act the suggestion to a single person

* Picture Dictionary
Drawing the suggestion for the group to guess.

* ClayMaker
Modelling the suggestion with clay or dough.

* What's That Tune?
Whistle or hum a suggested song, or do your best "pub singer" version of it.

* Six Degrees of Separation
Connect one person, or movie, to another in as few steps as possible.

* Impressionisms
Identify the animal or celebrity from an impression.

Instructions can be found for each of these games on our website.