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CryptMe is a simple text editor/viewer where you can store all your sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, passwords, pin codes, banking information, etc. Data is encrypted with best available AES-256 algorithm.

Key advantage of CryptMe is its simplicity - the moment you unlock the app with a password you are presented with your information, without unnecessary clutter of groups, subgroups and unneeded details of information. There is also a search field, to quickly find information in case of longer texts.

You can copy/paste the parts of text, for example, in case filling up web payment forms.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 key length is state of the art encryption algorithm that will keep your information safe in cases of device theft, loss of a device, hacker attack, virus exposed information, etc. Algorithm has - unlike most of the other commonly used encryption algorithms - never been broken. This means your data is 100% safe as long as you use good password to encrypt the information (Do not use plain, known words, combine them with numbers and special characters).

App has option to export/backup encrypted data via iTunes File Sharing. Backed data can be opened also in Crypt Me for Mac.

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We recommend IMPORTING information via iTunes File Sharing from your computer, especially in cases of longer text. Simply prepare normal text file with your information and add it to CryptMe app under File Sharing in iTunes. Next time you launch the app you will be presented with an IMPORT option. If your text will contain non-english characters be sure to save it using UTF-8 encoding. And don't forget to delete original file from your computer after import.

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