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Sound Mind

iPhone / iPad
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
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Sound Mind turns your iPod music player into a life-changing self help device by playing targeted motivational, inspirational, or educational audio messages between your existing music tracks.

This free app then goes a step further and gives you the option of directly mixing in SUBLIMINAL audio affirmation messages into your music.

Sound Mind takes a holistic approach, providing a solution that addresses both the conscious and unconscious mind with powerful affirmations between music tracks and subliminal messages mixed directly into the music.

-------- HOW DOES IT WORK ? --------

As you listen to your own music throughout the day, Sound Mind chooses a different message to play before each track and also optionally plays targeted subliminal messages mixed into your music.

Choose from multiple program categories for achieving a positive outlook, improving your vocabulary, or spiritual encouragement.


It's an effortless way to fill your mind with motivational, inspirational, and educational messages each and every day as you listen to your favorite songs.

The subliminal audio feature has been designed to further enhance your results of positively changing your outlook and increasing your knowledge while discouraging unwanted behavior, or breaking bad habits. These statements are mixed directly into your music at a subliminal level. They are not perceived by your conscious mind but picked up and understood by your subconscious mind. This subliminal functionality is optional and can be turned on or off with just a switch.

Increase your vocabulary while driving to work and listening to your favorite music.

Effortlessly memorize famous quotes to use during speeches, presentations, or to keep yourself motivated for success.


Sound Mind plays targeted affirmations BETWEEN your existing music tracks and also plays subliminal messages mixed directly into your music. Plus, as your music plays, affirmations and quotes are displayed on the screen to aide in learning the material. An auto-dimmer control is also included to save battery life when not viewing the message text.

Unlike other subliminal apps, Sound Mind's subliminal audio feature plays multiple subliminal messages simultaneously, making it much more effective. The content of these messages is also viewable so you always know what is being played.

Volume of subliminal messages can be controlled to ensure the right balance is mixed into any music selection.

Enables you to choose which voice actor you want to listen to for your selected program.

Also includes ambient ocean wave sounds that can optionally be mixed into your music for a powerful meditative experience.

Provides an in-app store where you can browse and download additional audio programs that target your specific need.

Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!