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The Emperor's New Clothes (FLTRP)

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Hey, I’m the FLTRP children’s audio book! Want to hear a lot of wonderful stories? Come with me. I have a lot of sisters and brothers, like The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty, Ugly Duckling…You will meet them all soon. Oh, forget to introduce myself, I’m The Emperor's New Clothes.
I’m looking forward to making friends with your lovely kids. We could read stories together, both Chinese and English, with beautiful background music. Surely you could read to me too. I could help parents record their voices, so the kids could listen to a story told by Dad/Mom without them really being at the bedside. Wow, you say your kid could tell the story by himself/herself? Fantastic! That would be a precious memory of his/her childhood!
So you think that’s all I can do? Not at all. To the parents’ surprise, I could help their kids learn English! First I will tell the kids what the proper pronunciation of a word or a sentence is, then the kids tell me their pronunciation. After a little bit analysis (trust me, it’s actually a lot of painful work), I will give them a mark. Want to see your kid’s happy face when he gets a 5? Try me.
This application’s features:
1. Pronunciation assessment
Your pronunciation for word or sentences will be evaluated, and the mark will show immediately for your reference.
2. Multiple modes
(1) Reading mode
Native English and Chinese script and audio against soft background music
(2) Learning mode
Key words and sentences with pronunciation assessment
(3) Recording mode
Record your own voice
(4) Sleeping mode
The screen is locked to avoid light interference and story audio is played according to your customized setting
3. Customized Setting
The script and audio can both be changed according to your preference.

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