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nCalculate is the fast, high-precision calculator with a focus on currency conversions.

Features: In general, the computer has 2 memory and an addition subtraction memory (M +/-). The memories have its own display, so the content is always in sight.
In portrait mode you have the four basic operations plus square root, x power of 2, 1 divided by x, the constant pi and classic percent calculation.

In landscape mode you also have tax and currency conversions available.
You have 2 memory for rates and 5 memory for currency conversions. The labels for the currency and the factors you can change at any time. The labels and the factor-set-buttons are secured with a lock to prevent misuse.

Basically, the operation is self-explanatory. Here are some details of the special features:
- Memory: (M1in/M2in) Save the current value in the appropriate memory. (M + / M-) adds or subtracts the current value from the M +/- memory. M1rcl/M2rcl loads the stored value out of the M1/M2 memory in the main display. MRC shows at the first click the M +/- memory in the display and the second click will erase the memory.

- TAX: (TAX1 / 2) each have a tax saving as a percentage (up to 100%). Click (TAX SET) and the value displayed is stored as the tax rate. Now you can add and subtract the tax rate of the main value with (+ TAX) and (TAX) .

- Currencies: By default the labels are: Euro, U.S. dollar, British pound, Swiss franc and Japanese yen, but you can add your own currencies. Click on the lock next to the currency labels. Then you can overwrite the fields. Now you choose your currency (that's the key with the arrow below the currency labels). Your currency is set to 1.00000. Now you can set the currency factors, according to your currency type and associate with "SET" to the respective memory (after you have the lock open on the first "SET" button).
Once typed, the main display will converted to the target currency after clicking the correspond currency button (button with arrow under the currency label) . The conversion factors also change according to the target currency.

- View: Bottom left you can change the appearance of the numbers between maximum decimal places (0.x), two (0.00) and three (0.000) decimal places. Furthermore, you can set the number format between unformatted (1000.x), U.S. format (1,000. X) and DE-format (1,000 x) .

- Mini Printer: The contents of the mini printer may be e-mailed.