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Mobile Kaigi for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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Participants who have approval to join the conference from the
conference organizer (chair person) can log in to a virtual meeting room
by using the conference system on iPhone. Conference material will show up
on each participant's iPhone screen simultaneously. It is synchronised
with the chair person’s screen, who controls the material.

Features of the conference system are:

・Holding a conference anywhere; access to the conference material at
the same time, even from a remote location.
As long as you are within a wireless communication area, you can browse
the conference material like you are actually at a conference, from a
remote location. The combined usage of the existing audio or TV
conference system enables other members in the remote offices to join
the conference. They can also see the conference material simultaneously.
・Reducing the system installation and removal costs.
A conventional conference system required the set up a terminal (display)
and a screen in a conference room, this required investment of a large
sum of money, there was also a disadvantage such as conference space
being immobile. In comparison to the conventional system, this system is
cheaper to install and it is cost effective, as it’s easy to move iPhone
Conference System when your office is relocating.
・Participants can switch to “Free browsing mode”, which enables them
to turn the pages freely by themselves.
Usually conference material will show up automatically as the chair
person proceeds with the conference, but also participants can browse
the material in their own pace.
・Limiting access to the conference material by participant
Conference participants can be managed by IDs and passwords.
Participants can only view the conference material that they are allowed
access to. You can limit access to the material by participant.
・No risk of divulging information when an iPhone went missing.
Conference material will be saved on the server, so there will be no
data on your iPhone after the conference is finished. So there is no risk
of divulging information even if you lost your iPhone.

[ Trial Process ]

(1) When you try to use virtual meeting system for iPhone "mobile kaigi",
you need more than 2 iPhones for the conference organizer (chair person)
and guest.

(2) Please use the following setting on "mobile kaigi".
ID/Password: euser01/euser01 or euser02/euser02 or euser03/euser03

(3) Once you logged in, select a room from "Trial Meeting A-C".
You can view sample files.
The word "HOST", "GUEST", or "S-GUEST" listed on the right of the conference
room indicates the user's authority in the conference room.

HOST: Conference organizer (chair person).
GUEST: Participant who can only view the conference material that they
are allowed access to.
S-GUEST: Participant who can view any conference material in the conference

- Conference organizer and participants should be in the same conference room.
- Page flip operation might be influenced each other, when two or more organizers
have logged in.

(4) If you hope the private trial room, please contact to