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Speed Gun

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
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Do you think that cars drive too fast where you live? Now you can finally check a vehicles speed, either coming towards you or going away, just like the police!
In manual mode you can measure speeds between two fixed points of a known distance, even from a concealed position.
Follow these simple set up steps:
Measurement should be done on a straight stretch of road, more than 330 feet long. (100 meters)
Measurement of the vehicles coming towards you:
Hold the phone steady, lean against something. Point the phone's rear camera at the vehicle and start the measurement when the car's width reaches the red vertical lines on the screen. Once the car has passed, press stop. The average speed is displayed on the screen. Tip: To prevent excessive speed readings start the measurement just before the car's width reaches the red lines.
For the measurement of vehicle traveling away from you, do the reverse: start the measurement when the car passes you and press the stop when the car's width is inside the red vertical lines.
Manual measurement from another position:
This method can be used when you can't measure the speed on a straight or if you want to be hidden. It also works on smaller vehicles such as motorcycles.
Measure the distance between two fixed points that you can see from where you stand. Enter the distance in the App. Start the measurement before the vehicle reaches the starting point and stop when the vehicle has passed the end point. The average speed is displayed on the phone display. This test prevents excessive speed appears.
Settings can be made in either mph or km/h. Always remember to look out for traffic!