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State of USA expectation quiz!

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It is quiz application to assign the name of each state (all 50 states) of the United States of America to. I can learn the flag (state flag) of a position and the state of each state from a whole map of the United States of America.

Population, a state capital, a cable address, the most big city of other states is made questions for as a hint to lead an answer and can learn it with nature.

In addition, it is made questions at random, and the problem made questions for sets the questions range by oneself and can learn it. It is the application that much knowledge was gathered other than the name of the state.

▼ Local choice screen
It is distributed all 50 states between the district of all states or five.
I choose the target area that I want to learn, and please tap it.

▼ Start screen
Because a state name is displayed with four buttons at random,
Please tap state excellent button thought to be the correct answer.

● "Hint" button
Four hint buttons to lead a correct answer are prepared.
1, a population of 2, state capital name 3, cable address 4 of the state, the most big city of the state of the state
Tap it as needed ♪

● "Characteristic button of the state"
After having replied it, I can tap a problem.

▼ Characteristic screen of the state
The population of the target state, geography, a climate, the main industry, mining industry resources, a building, special product,
Such as person, economic conditions, currency, origin of the name of a country, sports ...,
I explain the characteristic of the state.

[detailed explanation] ------------------
・ A correct answer is displayed by a rubric when an answer result is a non-correct answer.
・ When all the answers are finished, I display a number of the number of the problems, the correct answers, answer rate with the other screen.
・ When I terminate a problem in the middle of an answer, I display a number of the number of the problems until the middle, the correct answers, answer rate with the other screen.
・ When I do not understand a problem, I can skip, but am careful because it is reflected by an answer rate!

★ Various events
◇ I cause some kind of actions when I tap it to a screen girl.

You who of course the result of the answer was displayed in a percentage form application for education that adult could enjoy for education use of the child, and cleared 100% for all states,

It will be to become an ultimate American geography doctor ‥‥