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Anagram Lookup

iPhone / iPad
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'Anagram Lookup' lets you find all words for 'Words with Friends', 'Hanging with Friends', 'Scrabble' and all other word games. Upload screenshots of your gameplay to make easy decision on word selection. Best thing is its FREE!!! One of the finest Word Generator on app store.

It uses original dictionary used for 'Words with Friends' and let you find all possible words sorted by points you can earn.

Use * or spaces to fill blank letters e.g. 'HIRW**A' will return you 'WHIZZ', 'HAJJI', 'WHACK', 'RAZZ', 'WIZARD' etc.

You can do two queries side by side on iPad, so that you can compare results and decide best word to use.

- Find longest words possible
- Ability to upload screenshot
- Use original 'Words with Friends' dictionary
- Sort words by maximum points
- Fastest word and anagram search
- Two side by side searches on iPad
- Universal app for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch
- Score high and impress your friends
- iOS7 support with 3.5/4/9.7" screen size support

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