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Beer Timer

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STOP EXPLODING BEERS IN YOUR FREEZER and drink your beer at the perfect temperature every time!

Ever go to the store, buy beer at room temperature, come home, place a beer in the freezer, only to forget it and come back later to a freezer full of exploded beer? We have... and we’re sick of it... it makes a HUGE mess and more importantly... IT WASTES BEER!

GET BEER TIMER. Pick what kind of beer you have, what size it is and what its in and Beer Timer does the rest. We’ve used Newton’s Law of Cooling and a whole lot of testing (and... of course drinking!) to determine how long cooling beer in a freezer takes.

Different beers have different optimum drinking temperatures. Beer Timer breaks it down in to five categories:

Pale Lager - (0-4C/32-39F)

Pale Ale - (4-7C/39-45F)

Dark Lager - (8-12C/45-54F)

Porter - (12-14C/54-57F)

Stout - (14-16C/57-61F)

Don't care about what temperature its SUPPOSED to be and just want it ice cold? Select


And Beer Timer will will go a little longer, and alarm when beer of any type gets ICE cold.

Some important tips:

•Your beer should be at or about room temperature of 70 degrees and your freezer should be close to zero degrees.

• Make sure your iPhone isn’t set to silent! If your volume is turned down, the alarm will vibrate, but if your phone is on silent, Beer Timer will display an alert only.

GET BEER TIMER- It will alarm when your beer is ready and prevent you from EVER sacrificing a beer to the inside of your freezer again