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123 Shape Up Number Town - kids story book and fun tell time clock game.

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Shape Up Number Town. A Story about Sally Seven the Sports Star!

kids story book and fun tell time clock game.

“Shape Up Number Town” is a fun story about being fit and healthy while also introducing the concept of “time” and how “time” relates to every day activities. This book also incorporates an interactive clock face to help your child with learning how to tell the time.


* Education through entertainment making learning fun!

* Professionally Narrated.

* “Read it myself” Show or hide text with a simple touch.

* Interactive Clock Face to help learn to tell the time.

* Text highlights as you read.

* Touch objects for sound effects.

* Listen to the Number Fun Song.

* Unique 123 Counting Practice pad.

* Covers subjects in line with the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

About Tilly’s Number Town

This series of stories is aimed at pre-school children exploring numeracy in everyday situations. Following National Curriculum Key stage 1. Maths, Geography, Science, Language, Team work and Cooperation.

Number Town is a unique, numeracy-based approach to mathematics for 3-6 year old children . Its information-rich Number Image concept transform plain black numbers into child-friendly pictogram characters, who live in an imaginary place called Number Town.
By translating number facts into engaging stories, children are motivated to listen, to think, to remember and to learn. These stories explain counting, addition, subtraction, sequence, time, shapes, movement and simple multiplication quickly developing the building blocks of early years mathematics.
Join “Little Tilly Two” and all her friends in Number Town.

Using number characters like Sally Seven the Sports Star or Policeman Ernie Eight and actions to teach numeracy is supported by scientific research. The Number Town approach is also in-line with research on memory techniques and the way we learn. (mnemonics) Each Number Town character has a recognisable personality living in a realistic environment where maths is used in every day life. By integrating maths into real life situations provides children with a motivating framework for learning speaking and listening.

These simple stories about the Number Town characters and their lives, engage attention, develop listening & speaking skills and expand children’s awareness of numeracy skills. Subjects such as geography and science and their close relationship with mathematics are explored.

© Jane Hague 2010, ISBN 978-0-9806737-9-1

123 Number Fun is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7, parent
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