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97 Reasons To Eat Raw Food

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The world's oldest diet is fast becoming the world's newest diet. Raw food is our original food, the food that all animals other than humans eat, and the food our body evolved to eat. Yet it's not what most humans eat, and as a result we are suffering big time! Do you feel overweight? Are you out of energy? Is your skin suffering? Are you moody? Can't you shake that infection? Are you feeling amazing and yet you know there is always somewhere else to go? Then raw food may be your answer.

But what is all this about raw food? Is it really all it's cracked up to be? After thousands of years of cooking, can we really go back to raw food? Is raw food boring? Is there too much fibre? Can you get enough protein? You'd be surprised at the inside scoop on raw food, and that's what Shazzie wants to show you. The raw food diet will make you feel better than you've ever felt, if you give it a go. Raw foodists report having more energy, stamina, clarity, happiness and a much better sex life. With those advantages, why wouldn't you try it?

Raw food author (she's written five books) and expert Shazzie ( has been promoting the raw food lifestyle for over a decade. She's created several books and programs to support you in your journey to eating more raw food. Whenever you change your life, you are more likely to succeed if you have the correct support tools.

This app is one such tool, a raw food guide that you can carry around in your pocket with you wherever you go. It's your very own inspiration to get you through your days when embarking on or continuing a raw food diet. It's loving, educating, exciting and nurturing, all in one app! You can learn all about raw food at your own pace in a really easy to use format.

So now, when you're out at a party, restaurant or even shopping in the stupormarket, you will be more tempted to fill up on raw foods, because of this app. When people ask you "Why are you eating that?" you can show them your app. Ask them to pick a card and delight in the look on their faces as they read compelling reason after compelling reason to eat raw food.

How it works

Shazzie has written 97 unique raw food reasons, and popped them onto beautiful cards. You spin the wheel of raw food fortune and it falls on a numbered card. Tap the card and it comes to life, with words of wisdom to reassure you that the raw food path is the one for you. Tap again and you get a lengthy explanation of the card's meaning. There are also further information links along the way. You can also swipe through the cards, and even email them to your friends.

What's in it for you?

This unique app delivers you a complete and concise guide to raw food and the raw lifestyle in the most convenient, educational and fun format possible. It's a quick reference guide for those times when you need topping up with raw food thoughts.

Let 97 Reasons To Eat Raw Food be your companion on your raw journey. It will always be with you to inspire and reassure you.

Any time you need inspiration or guidance, just spin your wheel and absorb the words. Just think, no more heavy books to carry around, it’s all here!

Now, you need never feel alone again! This is as good as Shazzie holding your hand on your raw journey, and what a journey it is.