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Learn in depth all the details and curiosities of ‘El maestro del Prado’ and 'El ángel perdido’, the last two novels by Javier Sierra. This application offers unknown details of the creation process of this prestigious writer. It is, ultimately, a different way to get into the narrative process of the hand of the author and with a lot of information that makes the result even more exciting novels if possible. The application includes links to major online stores to buy the novels and receive at home, biography of Javier Sierra and shows the writer's activity on social networks.

The enigma of ‘El maestro del Prado’.

The style of the stories of riddles of Javier Sierra, ‘El maestro del Prado’ presents an exciting tour of the unknown and secret stories of one of the world's most important art galleries, the Prado Museum. An adventure that will forever change our perception of art and help us understand its intimate function and meaning.
A book, in short, that will become a landmark for visitors to the Prado Museum in Madrid who want to see beyond what they show his paintings. Javier Sierra is presented in this narrative as a student and teacher at a time and teaches the Prado in every way.

The application offers videos about some of the mysteries that hide the works exhibited in the Prado.

‘El ángel perdido’ the novel inside.

Javier Sierra readers can experience exciting and different experience knowing the meticulous process of research that the author continued for seven years to write 'The lost angel'. The writer, in an exclusive video, explains the creative process that allowed him to build a story exciting and full of mystery. Javier Sierra ran real scenarios in the novel which is set from Santiago de Compostela to a remote region in northwestern Turkey.
One of the most emotional moments was undoubtedly the expedition to Mount Ararat. Sierra, accompanied by experienced mountaineer Javier Pérez de Tudela, tried to climb the legendary mountain where it is believed that the remains of the Ark of Noah. Bad weather prevented the expedition reached the top, but all components Sierra lived an adventure that tells us in detail and was fundamental to the development of 'The lost angel'.
The author introduces the reader to the novel in the first person passing on various details of the story. So Javier Sierra reflects not only on various aspects of the plot of the novel, but also the fascination with the enigma wake of Noah's Ark and the world of angels. The reader will know the characters of 'El ángel perdido’ by the mouth of his own creator, which brings aspects of the motivations of the protagonists of the story as only he can.

The application offers many more attractions for the reader as well as the interview with Javier Sierra:

-The content of the first chapters of the book. One way to see the first page of an exciting plot. In addition, we selected several key elements of the story (characters, settings ...) with additional information via hyperlinks.
-Podcast of the first chapter of the novel read by the author
-The video promoting the book.
-Characters and scenarios. A description of the characters and all the scenarios that appear in the novel.
-Paragraph 'Learn More' provides complementary data real elements that appear in the book. This information allows the reader to delve into the actual data that is in this novel.
-'The Game' tests readers' knowledge about 'El ángel perdido’. Through a series of tests in the form of questions, the daring players show their memory and fascination with history woven by the imagination and skills of Javier Sierra.