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QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP is aimed at both experienced and aspiring leaders who are looking for concise, yet informative, answers to the most frequently asked questions about the leadership role. In a meaningful way, the book explores complex issues related to leading others, providing simple and practical guidance which can be readily applied, regardless of your current level or seniority as a leader. For the new leader, it offers a roadmap to build your capacity and enhance your performance; for the old-hand, it provides an ideal opportunity to take stock and consider your talents in the light of some best practice leadership principles.

QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP is designed so that you can dip in and out of the content as the need arises to search for answers to your top leadership questions. There are five sections to the book:
+ Leadership Essentials.
+ Leadership Qualities.
+ Leadership Skills.
+ Leading Individuals and Teams.
+ Leadership Activities.

Leadership Essentials covers some of the really fundamental questions that all leaders have regarding the role of leadership, such as how it relates to management, what leaders actually do, or whether the ability to lead others is limited to the select few or can be learned and developed by anyone.

Leadership Qualities focuses on questions that relate to the personal characteristics seen time and time again in the best leaders. It is more concerned with who leaders are than what it is they do and is designed to help you to consider your own strengths and areas for improvement in light of a better understanding of the attributes that support effective leadership.

Leadership Skills shifts the emphasis to what leaders do. Specifically, the questions in this section explore many of the common concerns that leaders have regarding the skills needed to get the best out of others. It provides helpful guidance on critical issues, such as how to communicate more effectively and how to apply different leadership styles.

Leading Individuals and Teams addresses a range of questions relating to everyday aspects of leading people at work. It provides useful answers to frequently raised questions, such as how to better engage your employees or how to deal with those really difficult individuals you meet from time to time.

Leadership Activities looks at some of the key organisation-wide activities undertaken by leaders, particularly those in more senior positions. It explores topics such as how to develop and implement strategy, manage performance or improve service delivery in a systematic way.