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CalcPad-HD is a calculator, note keeper and web browser, all in one. Secretly store your confidential information and photos, or securely surf the web. No one will know what lurks behind your calculator. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You used to have trouble remembering your passwords but it’s not an issue anymore! That sensitive data travels with you everywhere you go, right on your iPad. No one but you knows where you hide your most important, confidential information and pictures yet you always have access to them. Admit it; you can’t help but smile at the fact that you have a secure, secret hiding spot for stuff you don’t want anyone to see.

It’s okay, you’re entitled to the satisfaction that comes with responsible storage of your private notes, numbers and photos. Those things are no one else’s business. Other people also do not need to know that you can very quickly and easily use the secret two-finger swipe to access all of your secure information, which is conveniently hiding behind your fully functional calculator.

Oh yes, CalcPad-HD is sneaky that way. The app is a calculator that you can use for regular or scientific calculations but it’s also a front for storing your text and images, as well as a secure internet browser. Again, just employ the secret swipe to open this vault of personal goodies that you have hidden and suddenly, the calculator disappears to give you full access. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s safe, secure and convenient.

Look at just some of the features you get when you download CalcPad-HD:
* Beautiful, clear graphics and unique, easy-use interface
* Fully functional calculator
* Scientific calculator
* ‘Secret’ two-finger swipe gives you access to behind the calculator features
* Password protection.
* Notes editor allows you to record information and add images
* Search menu included
* Secure web browser lets you surf the internet
* Safe, secure, convenient
* Dedicated iPad application

Hey, why not enjoy a little mystery and intrigue while using your calculator and protecting your sensitive data?

Download CalcPad-HD now and learn the secret two-finger swipe yourself.

Also be sure to check out our iPhone version CalcPad

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