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Honey, wake up! HD

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Early morning, it will let you say goodbye to those tedious alarms of waking up, and it will become your best partner on the bed, it will make your morning full of vitality, its whisper is around your endless sleep! ♥ Alarm ring tones - There are variety of beauties’ wake-up sounds, honey type, soft type, classic type, small secretary type, a variety of styles are lingering ear, which is magnificent, so that different voices sounded every morning, and you can fully enjoy the joy of early morning! - Ringing modes use the fade effects, to wake you up smoothly and softly! - Support for iPod music ♥ Intelligent power-saving - The reason for too much power consumption of traditional alarm clock’s app is that the system needs to operate from time to time to complete ring task, which greatly increases the cpu computing consumption, causes the phone heat, reducing the efficiency, making the hardware accelerated aging. - This type of alarm clock is designed by adopting "static decompression" modular, through the sub-micro approach and combined with the internal characteristics of ios to reduce the computational load of cpu and memory load, which enhances the protection for hardware, effectively improve the phone’s power-saving effect for nearly 20%. ♥ Crystal photo frame - Can embed the local picture in the back of clock, the brightness is adjustable, to achieve the perfect mix with the clock, TA accompanies with you when gently waking you up! ♥ Exquisite clock - Beautiful color LCD theme: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, purple - Theme color transformation of touch screen style: easy to operate, and can achieve the match of two colors, to make the interface more cool - Support for vertical and horizontal display mode; -12/24 hour - Can hide / show second week - Can set the time of automatically screen lock ♥ Multifunction alarm clock - Support multi-task alarm settings - With snooze function - Support background alarm - Ring volume adjustment - Vibration switches - Can set the snooze time - Can operate normally under the screen lock and alarm silent modes ♥ Fast Gestures - The theme of touch screen with changing color - Slide your finger up and down to adjust the screen brightness To purchase it at preferential price quickly, enjoy fun, happy every day!