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'AutoSongsheet' is an automated scrolling program and database for songs. The intended user is a musical performer who needs hands-free access to their words, chords, or sheet music in a convenient, portable form. 'AutoSongsheet' contains many of the features of 'AutoSongbook', but is a more economical option for those who don't need set lists or synchronized audio.

The primary purpose of this program is displaying songs that scroll automatically according to duration. To display a song, double-tap its name…or single-tap if that option is enabled in 'Settings'.

When scrolling a song, 'AutoSongsheet' keeps the portion that matches the elapsed time near the center of the screen rather than dictating a current line. 'AutoSongsheet' is also flexible about file formats, supporting plain text and HTML, as well as .pdf, .doc, .rtf and others. 'AutoSongsheet' makes no adjustments to the file content but simply scrolls the provided content in the time specified.

'AutoSongsheet' also provides manual controls which allow you to override scrolling to page up and down for on-the-fly changes.

For convenience, you may optionally set 'AutoSongsheet' to play a starting note for each song, or selected songs, as a cue. Scrolling smoothness can be controlled depending on your preference for frequent or less frequent screen movement.

A full catalog of song lyrics and printed music can be synchronized through iTunes and ordered alphabetically.

'AutoSongsheet' is designed to help you manage your music during performance or practice.