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Safety Symbol Library

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Comprehensive Information related to the subject of safety instructions and warning messages in technical Documentation

Contains free preview pages of the a concise guide to writing compliant and useful safety alerts

Demonstrates hundreds of downloadable ready-to-use symbols and templates

There is currently no lacking of more or less applicable standards and directives which deal with safety instructions, warning messages, and other related subjects. This is what makes the work of every “information provider” and “documentation producer” so challenging when trying to create instructions and messages that comply with all these standards and are informative and useful at the same time. The abundance of interrelated rules and guidelines does not necessarily make that task any easier. The books in the library (available as preview and full version as in-app purchase) contains detailed information on how to write such instructions and messages, as well as links to downloadable, ready-to-use symbols for high-resolution printing and web use. Moreover, samples of the practical implementation in the leading word processing software and DTP applications are described and can be downloaded separately.

The contents in more detail:
Chapter 1: Terminology and legal matters
Chapter 2: Safety alert types and levels
Chapter 3: How to decide the safety alert to use
Chapter 4: Where to place a safety alert
Chapter 5: What a complete safety instruction should contain
Chapter 6: Layout and visual appearance
Chapter 8: Samples and implementation

The library app includes a book viewer with comprehensive navigation functions, all pages can be zoomed without loss of quality. The functions include:

- Help page
- Multilingual controls (German, English, Swedish)
- Full text search
- Bookmarks
- Directly go to page number
- Table of contents
- Toggle page view single page/facing pages
- Horizontal scroll bar with page thumbnails for navigation Chapter