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Embrace Tiger

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Embrace Tiger could be one of the most important instructional tools you ever purchase. This video invites you to practice an ancient Qigong exercise that can increase your health of mind, body, and spirit. Over 125 million Chinese people do Qigong exercises everyday to maintain their health, vitality, and longevity. Qigong exercises are regularly prescribed to patients in China to promote healing. Numerous research studies have been conducted on the positive influence of Qigong exercise on health outcomes. Qigong is a form of moving meditation. It has positive mental mental effects as well. Additionally, Qigong utilizes deep breathing techniques that nourish every cell of the body.

"Qi" in the Chinese language means life force energy. "Gong" means something that is practiced for a long period of time in order to attain mastery. As you practice, you too can bring more balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. The eight exercises presented in this video were originally designed to strengthen and calm the soldiers of twelfth century China. Commonly referred to as THE EIGHT PIECES of BROCADE (Ba Duan Jin), these exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced by people of almost any age.

David Peters is your instructor and guide for this video. He is a highly trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine that has been studying, practicing, and teaching Qigong for over fifteen years. He has benefitted greatly from these exercises and encourages his patients to practice as well. To learn more ways to improve your health, visit This website is a valuable resource to introduce more people to the benefits of Qigong and other methods of creating Harmony, Unity, and Balance in your life.

In this video, David will serve as your guide and you can join him in the art of breathing, meditation, and mindful awareness. The eight exercises included are:

1. Looking Back
2. Shooting the Arrow
3. Upholding the Sky with Both Hands
4. Alternating Hands
5. Swinging the Trunk
6. Punching with Angry Eyes
7. Pulling Back on Toes
8. Standing on Toes

This application also includes two bonus exercise videos. These videos are streamed from our server. After you learn to do each of the above exercises comfortably, you can practice these two workouts:

1. 20 minutes
2. 40 minutes

The beautiful entrancing music used in this video was provided by internationally known Didgeridoo and Flute master John Dumas. This soundscape is perfect for allowing you to get in touch with your Qi. The practice of Qigong allows us to observe and direct our Qi. This daily practice balances and harmonizes the internal flow of energy to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Honoring yourself everyday with a powerful art of Longevity such as the Eight Pieces of Brocade can reduce stress and improve many chronic ailments. You can enjoy an empowered mind, elevated spirit, and calm emotions. Invest in your future today with this simple yet powerful set of exercises. Many blessings on your journey of balanced and harmonized wellness!