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HIRAGANA picture book for iPad

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After getting many five-star reviews on Amazon Japan, the highly praised educational picture book by Yoko Imoto finally lands to iPad. In addition to Imoto's heart warming illustrations, the iPad app's built-in interactivity brings many parents and kids to have fun while learning elementary Japanese.

Touch-enabled illustrations from letter "あ" to letter "ん" are provied so your kids can touch and memorize each Hiragana characters while listening to its pronunciation. Learn interactively, master 72 basic Japanese vocabularies and have fun with built-in games.

[About the original picture book]
The picture book is designed specifically for kids and toddlers who just began learning Hiragana characters. Carefully designed to also provide some level of mental development in addition to basic linguistics, every page is filled with its own story to make learning a joy. From letter "あ" in "ありがとう" to letter "ん" in "ごめんなさい", kids will dive into the beautiful world of Japanese language.

[Different modes in app]
(1)HAVING FUN WITH "あいうえお"
This part introduces Hiragana letters and vocabularies with actual pronunciation. Touch the illustrations and speech balloon will be displayed while sample sentences are also provided. Just touch'em !

Learn to write not only Hiraganas, but also Katanas and Romaji characters. Even some of you parents might've forgotten these stuff ! Kids may try and erase, as many times as they like.

Two modes are provided. In Easy mode, 72 vocabularies from the (1)HAVING FUN WITH "あいうえお" will be randomly pronounced, as kids need to answer them by choosing the correct starting Hiragana character. Expert mode is simililar except that kids need to choose correct chacters sequentialy, from start to end. If it's too hard just touch the speech balloon and the whole letter sequence will be shown. Get 5 of them correct and win !

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