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Emergency Tokyo

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Note! This app can not use on iPhone 3G or iPod touch that doesn't have electric compass and GPS function. Please use on iPhone 3GS or later or iPad 3G or later.

In a time of disaster, it induces it to the support of coming home station in Tokyo for the support of the difficult on foot person to come home to three places in this application program registered by using the GPS function and the electronic compass function with built-in iPhone. This application program is to induce it to the place of keeping operation and [me] you even if the trouble occurs in the communication over the Internet when the walking coming home is done through necessity due to the disaster etc.

A lot of difficulty of coming home people were generated in the metropolitan area in the east Great Kanto Earthquake that had occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011. A traffic infrastructure stopped, and the walking coming home was done through necessity. There were a lot of scenes where the cellular phone and the communication become difficult by concentrating the power failure and the telephone call, too. This application program is useful for situation that returns from a destination and a strange town to home and the office on foot.

The data of three places can be registered in the application program. The departure point etc. decided in the specified shelter place and the family in home, the office, and the region can be registered beforehand. The distance and the direction to a target place are displayed in the compass view. It is likely to become the standard of travel time in walking.

The support of coming home station that Tokyo establishes is assumed to supply all metropolitan school and Tokyo Budoukan where it peeps into islands to the purpose. The data of the collected support of coming home station refers to the Tokyo disaster prevention map of the Tokyo Bureau of General Affairs issue (..the update on March 7, 2011..) this application program.

It might be also good to introduce this application program, and to talk about shelter at the disaster in the family and the office.

-- Function--
The direction and the distance to the destination are displayed in the compass view.
The map display displays the position of the support of coming home station around the present place with the pin. It is possible to make it to the destination displayed by the compass view by doing each pin in the tap. It is necessary to connect it with the Internet with this function. When the Internet cannot be connected by putting it in a time of disaster, this function cannot be used.
The support of coming home station registered in the application program is having a look displayed in the list view. The distance from the present place is displayed. It might be convenient so that it may search for the nearby support station. Because this function uses only the GPS function and the electronic compass function, it is possible to use it even in the situation not to be able to hook up to the Internet.
The user can arbitrarily set the destination up to three places. The departure point etc. decided beforehand at home, the office, and home can be registered. It is start-up and is registered the data of the main station in Tokyo first time of the application program at times.

This application uses the GPS function and the electronic compass function.

-- Notes--
This application uses GPS to obtain the location information. Moreover, the electronic compass is used to obtain the azimuth. Each measurement precision depends on the surrounding environment, and acknowledge causing some gaps when really using it, please. The electronic compass might cause the malfunction when there are a magnet and a motor near the place and iPhone that magnetism is strong.