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PulseLA Opinions

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Social Networking
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The Opinion App! Share your true opinions on anything in seconds.

You are entitled to your opinion and yet there are fewer and fewer places to share it without being judged, de-friended, or spied upon. PulseLA lets you share your true opinions without worrying about the downside.

Share with everyone or with just your closest friends privately. Join a growing community focused on the best (or worst) of everything and let your opinions shine!

PulseLA is:
- Fast: share your opinions in seconds
- Private: find out what your friends really think with private and confidential sharing...say what you wouldn't say anywhere else.
- Fun: See opinions on anything from restaurants, movies, tv shows, celebrities...
- Useful: Get great recommendations every day on stuff that actually matters

Version 2.0 lets you share privately so you can express your true opinions.

"I share stuff on Pulse that I'd never share anywhere else. Private sharing all the way baby!" - Tico

"I pulsed my favorite beach that very few people know instantly had a pic for me to share." - Catherine

"I never knew what my friends opinions were until I got this app!" - Rich

"Unlike most social networks, this one actually has value. I get recs on 2 or 3 restaurants a week. Get this app!" - Tim

"It's simple. Stuff that people like or no like instead of annoying kid pics filling your feed." - Justin