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It's eight o'clock at night, you have a test in your history class in the morning, and you get that inevitable phone call with a frantic family member on the other end screaming "MY INTERNET'S NOT WORKING!"

After the oh-no-not-now moment passes, you ask "Can you be more specific?" to which you get the all-too-familiar "I just typed it in and nothing happened!"

How do you find the problem? Easy! You step-by-step have her ping various hosts between her computer and the internet to see where the problem is. If only there was a better way...

But now there is! You can have them download this app and perform a whole host of generic pings and tests with one click - no explaining that you mean "192 DOT 168" not "192 SPACE 168", no hassling with the terminal: nothing!

To make things even better, if you spend some time before-hand setting it up for them, you can even make your own custom scripts tailored specifically to their network situation - pinging various local servers, routers, modems, DNSs, etc.

You can even use the generic script to probe an unfamiliar network when your grandpa asks you to setup their new router.

The possibilities are endless with this simple, easy-to-use network diagnostics application.