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Car Loan Dashboard Lite

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Car Loan Dashboard Lite, The Premium Auto Loan Planner.

Car Loan Dashboard Lite works with all currencies within the iPad.
Are you looking to buy a new car? Do you wonder how much you can afford to pay for a Car Loan?

Have you ever wondered how much a car loan or finance deal is really costing you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play around with scenarios for all the cases above before talking to the loan sales person?
Car Loan Dashboard is an innovative App, which visually shows the projected value of a car loan.

It also estimates the monthly payment cost of a loan, together with the amount of interest that you have to pay.

The easy input screen requires no training for you or your family to start to use Car Loan Dashboard. And if you have any questions you can always reference the full glossary at a touch of a button.

Car Loan Dashboard has a clear report screen that enables you to view all the output of your calculations. It also shows various scenarios of loans for you to review.

Car Loan Dashboard Lite has the following features:

-Graphical Chart
-2 x Text result Report View
-Projected Future Value of the Loan
-Loan Scenarios / Comparison
-Calculate Amount of Loan Required
-Easy and Intuitive Data Input
-Automatic Currency Support (the currency will change with the device’s International settings)

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