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Kids Juke Box HD - Favorite things

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Learning basic English naturally by listening to English children’s song with Kids Juke Box!
This Application provides 2 free sample songs and easy one-click access to purchase full version of Kids Juke Box.

"Favorite things"is the 6th series of Kids Juke Box!

"Favorite things" includes the following 4 songs & 4 chants.

1. What color is it? 2. I like apples 3.What's red and blue 4. Cucumbers are good for me

1. What is your favorite number? 2. It's fun 3. I like to draw 4. How much is this?

"Main features"
★ One : Song
By watching animation in English with familiar melodies, kids will naturally have interests on English songs.

★ Two : Chant
By listening to chant, kids will repetitively listen and sing after the main sentences.

★ Three : Recording
Comparing with native speakers by singing the song through Karaoke and repeating it.

★ Four : Word Card
Repeating the word learned from the song one by one.

★ Five : Card Game
Joyful learning of words through the card game.

Let’s Start the Kids Juke Box!

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