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BBB Search - Find Local Businesses & Charities

iPhone / iPad
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BBB is the trusted resource for objective, unbiased information on busineses and charities. Millions of consumers and companies rely on the BBB to research local businesses. Now the power of the BBB is available at your fingertips when traveling or on the go.

The official BBB app features:

- Search for local businesses by name, phone, URL, or category type.

- Search via your current location or specify a city, state or zip code.

- Display search results in list or map views.

- History menu provides convenient access to your previous searches.

- View the BBB Business Review for every business listing, complete with BBB Rating, contact info, BBB Accreditation status, consumer complaint history, and more!

- Save a listed business's info to your Favorites or your iOS contacts.

- Share a business's BBB Business Review URL via Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

- Read the latest BBB Consumer News on your iOs device.

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