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Oresome Elements

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Oresome Elements is an interactive game that makes learning about the periodic table, elements and some of their properties and uses fun.
The game is aimed at secondary school students, but is just as much fun for anyone wanting to learn about elements and the periodic table.

All known chemical matter is composed of elements. In this periodic table 109 elements are identified alongside some of their properties and uses. Many of these elements form the building blocks of the minerals and fossil fuels that are extracted and processed for our everyday use.

How to play the game:
1). Tap one of the three levels to challenge you.
Level 1 is the first 20 elements in the periodic table
Level 2 is the first 30 elements in the periodic table
Level 3 is all the elements in the periodic table

2). Drag a floating element symbol and draw a path to its correct place on the periodic table. The element will then follow the path you have chosen. If the element follows a path to the correct location it docks, otherwise it returns back to the floating area. Do this for all remaining floating elements.
Careful to not make floating elements collide!

3). When all of the floating elements are in the correct location on the periodic table that game is finished. If you have the best time you can enter your name on the leader board.

Other features:
There is a settings button on the top right hand corner. In settings you can reduce or increase the speed of the elements moving along their path which might improve your time.
If you need some more clues or want to see more information about the elements close up, single tap OR double tap an element in the periodic table.