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iColorRec : Ultimate Brain Trainer - Test Your Stroop Interfere Effect : Improve your attention - How Can Decision Making Be Improved ?

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The app can help you better at controlling your attention -- a function called the executive control system.It's quite possibly the most important cognitive system we have because it's where all of your decisions about what to attend to, what to ignore, what to process are made.

The best method to measure the executive control system is called the Stroop Test. A person is shown words in different colors. The person has to ignore the word but say the color. The problem is that the words are all names of colors.So you would have the word blue written in red, but you have to say red. But blue is so salient, it's just lighting up all these circuits in your brain, and you really want to say blue. So you need a mechanism to override that so that you can say red. That's the executive control system .

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