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Deeper Into XHTML

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Now that you’ve got the Basics of XHTML down, it’s time to get way deeper. Web design guru Geoff Blake is back to take you Deeper Into XHTML!

In part two part of his XHMTL series Geoff Blake takes you deeper into web programming using XHTML. He jumps right in with an awesome section on hand-coding tables. Next you’ll expand your web design prowess with all kinds of tips on using frames in your web pages. From there Geoff gets you building HTML forms where you’ll see how to design complex, interactive forms with buttons, checkboxes, drop down menus and more.

Do you need to insert media files like audio, video, and images into your web pages? Geoff provides an entire section on this important topic. You’ll learn everything you need to know about embedding and linking to audio and video files, while ensuring they play back in all web browsers.

To top it off, Geoff takes you yet even deeper into XHTML with two bonus sections where he explains the power of CSS formatting, connecting to external style sheets and creating Java script rollovers.

If you liked Geoff Blake's HXTML Basics, you’ll love Deeper Into XHTML! So join Geoff with his casual, entertaining and informative style as he helps you master advanced XHTML programming concepts in this excellent web programming tutorial, Deeper Into XHTML.

Table of Contents:

1. Welcome
2. Setting Up The Basic Table Structure
3. Inserting Table Headers
4. Attributes For Tables
5. Attributes For Table Rows
6. Attributes For Table Cells
7. Inserting Nested Tables
8. Inserting Different Types Of Content Into Tables
9. Task #2: Re-Create This Table!
10. Inserting An Iframe
11. Editing The Page That Appears Inside An iframe
12. Loading An External Website Into An iframe
13. Setting iframe Attributes
14. Using target="_parent" Links In iframes
15. Inserting Text Fields
16. Loadin’ Up Some Checkboxes
17. Creating Radio Buttons
18. Inserting Text Areas
19. How About Drop Down Menus?
20. Creating Submit & Reset Buttons
21. Finally, Form Submission Settings
22. Embedding Audio Files
23. Embedding Video Files
24. Linking To Audio And Video Files
25. Linking To Other Types Of Media
26. Formatting With CSS: Connecting To An External Styl...
27. Creating JavaScript Rollovers
28. Wrap-Up