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Learn French by LessonStudio

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You are in a country town 80 kilometers south of Paris, baguette in hand, asking a local for a good place to buy cheese. Just a handful of hours with LessonStudio and you will be able to have this conversation. With the right amount of caffeine you could start LessonStudio on a flight from North America and have a basic working French vocabulary when you arrive.

LessonStudio excels at sticking in your brain so that the French is available when you need it.

LessonStudio is more defined by what it isn’t as by what it is. LessonStudio is not just some travel phrase book. We teach you words and simple grammar rules in a memorable way enabling you to assemble sentences.

The core of LessonStudio is a thousands-of-years-old technique called mnemonics. Think about being at a party and meeting Mr. Baker and imagining him wearing a baker’s hat. That is the power of mnemonics. This is how it works in our application: we give you words like ‘ice cream’ and then we ask you to ‘picture a glass with an ice cream cone in it’ as glace (pronounced glass) is French for ‘ice cream’. After a handful of words, we test you to make sure you got them. Next, we have you play with your new vocabulary in sentences. By the end of the lesson the words will have some serious stickiness in your brain.

Examples of what you will be able to create by the end of lesson one include:
Je veux le beurre.
Je veux la piscine.
Je veux le stylo.

And by the end of lesson three, you will be able to create sentences like:
Le chou-fleur intéressant est délicieux.

Pretty cool! This isn't your high-school French class with endless conjugations of verbs as that is just not how to learn a language. Stick with French Language by LessonStudio and you will be able to communicate with the people of France tout de suite (right away).