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Sing better now with Passaggio! Passaggio is revolutionizing how to sing better by providing instant visual feedback while you sing!

This amazing new App allows you to WATCH your VOICE on your iPhone as you sing. It’s like having a voice coach in your pocket! For the price of less than one singing lesson Passaggio provides the following capabilities:

• Save the last 30 seconds of your singing so you can go back and review your notes and improve your vocal pitch.

• Standard display shows all the details in your voice so that you can SEE every problem area as you sing.

• New EASY to understand PITCH MODE option displays only your vocal pitch and volume for working on vocal pitch issues.

• Feedback of voice attributes - pitch, vibrato, scooping, enunciation, breathiness, and regularity of sound - are indicated on a musical staff

• Comes with a STEP-BY-STEP YouTube tutorial on your iPhone

With the portability of the iPhone, the Passaggio application is the PERFECT TOOL for lessons, auditions, recording, choir rehearsals or general practicing.

How Does Passaggio Work?

Passaggio does not use FFT analysis, autocorrelation, wavelets, zero-crossing detection or any other of the currently used methods. Instead, it uses a proprietary time domain signal processing algorithm developed independently over a period of many years. It is extremely fast and efficient and behaves much like the human cochlea.

Note: The iPhone built-in microphone does not respond well to low bass notes. Bass singers should use an external microphone with Passaggio for best results.

Get your copy today and be a better singer!