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Math Samurai

iPhone / iPad
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“Math Samurai” is a great app for exercising your math skills. The app shows you two numbers and the result and you have to think what the operation is. The notation system is really simple and with only one stroke you can choose between addition, multiplication, subtraction or division. Certainly an ingenious app that will help you becoming a great math samurai!
Math Samurai By Edin is a fun and simple math reinforcement app. The game play is mesmerizing to young kids. The swiping and slashing is challenging enough to keep the game interesting while reinforcing what your child is learning in school. A simple math learning app that is fun to play. Math Samurai By Edin is definitely a download because it offers a different way to learn math. Instead of figuring out the answer you need to figure out the operand. A great take on classic math skills!

Playing Instructions:

The player needs to solve mathematical equations by correctly using one of four math operators. This is accomplished by “finger-slicing” the screen in a “samurai style”.

The following bi-directional samurai slicing gestures are used by the player:
“+” plus = vertical swipe from top to bottom of the screen: |
“-“ minus = horizontal swipe across the screen: -
“*” multiply = swipe from upper left corner to the lower right corner: \
“/” divide = swipe from upper right corner to the lower left corner: /

There is no time limit, but you are given only 4 swords and one of them breaks each time it hits the wrong answer.

At any point in game you can use the "Help Bar" (bottom of the screen) to find an appropriate gesture.

Scoring and Awards (Samurai Stars):

One point is awarded for each correct answer, green indicators on the top of the screen help with the progress tracking.
Upon receiving 50 points the user advances to the next level and earns a Samurai Star. The game starts at level one where the player has to slice his way through 50 questions using numbers from zero to nine. Progressing to the next level expands the number range used for questions therefore making it harder to conquer (e.g., the second level uses numbers from one to twenty).

Incorrect Answer:
One point is subtracted for each incorrect answer and one “sword” (life) is lost.
Red indicators at the top of the screen appear and one green sword disappears.
When all swords are lost, the game is over and can be replayed by pressing on the green “play” button in the middle of the screen.

Extra points:
Up to 3 additional points can be earned by slicing falling “numbers” before they reach the bottom of the screen. Each “number” that breaks into pieces is worth one point.

There are 10 levels in the game which are represented by 9 stars.
Each level includes all previous levels plus another ten numbers.
Level 1: 1 – 10 - 0 stars
Level 2: 1 – 20 - 1 star
Level 3: 1 – 30 - 2 stars
Level 4: 0 – 40 - 3 stars
Level 4: 0 – 50 - 4 stars
Level 6: 0 – 60 - 5 stars
Level 7: 0 – 70 - 6 stars
Level 8: 0 – 80 - 7 stars
Level 9: 0 – 90 - 8 stars
Level 10: 0 – 100 - 9 stars

A Note on the Mechanics:

The algorithm used in the game generates all “questions” on the fly, therefore game is different each time it is played. The algorithm is also able to accept multiple answers when needed; for example 2 + 2 = 4 and 2 * 2 = 4.

Numbers and colors:
The number coloring schema is chosen randomly and number colors vary from play to play - this prevents the player from associating certain color combinations with possible answers.

Credits and Copyright:

Produced by
Music by Dikidu
Graphic Design by Ko Kawazoe

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