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PGN Viewer Light

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This is the iPad FREE version of PGN Viewer Gold, already available for iPad.

The limit of this free version is the number of games you can download at a time and the depth of analysis for the chess engine

With PGN Viewer Light you can view your favorite chess games on your iPad.

You can download a PGN file from an FTP site, search for a characteristic (ELO, Player, Color, Result, Event, ECO) and choose game to view.
The search acts only for selected files in the manage files panel.
Tapping Viewer FTP Site you can access on a list of game files that I have already prepared.

Another way to transfer file to your iPad is via iTunes. In iTunes select PGN Viewer Light App and drag a PGN file into the document list.

Also, you can open a PGN file attached to an e-mail by selecting "Open With PGN Viewer Light"

You can download more than one file, so you can add more and more games to your database.
You can then delete a file when you are not interested on it yet.
You can navigate through the game forward or backward, to the end or to the start of the game.
With other two buttons, you can goto next or previous game in the last searched game list
You can also jump to a specific move just by tapping on that move.
Now you can also view game moves playing automatically tapping Autoplay button
You can flip the view to see also the black's point of view.

From version 3.0 there is a chess engine that suggests a move in any position. You can access it swiping game notation view. In this light version analysis is limited to depth 8
And last, but not least, both portrait and landscape orientation are supported.

Enjoy yourself.

- Portrait and landscape orientation
- Goto first, last, next and previous move
- Goto next or previous game in the last searched game list
- Jump directly to a move just by tapping on it
- Download games in PGN format from a FTP site
- Drag and drop PGN files into PGN Viewer Light via iTunes
- Viewer FTP site is available with thousands of games
- Multiple files management
- Search games by player, ELO, color, result, event and ECO
- Flag for players with ELO > 2200
- Autoplay game
- Chess engine to suggest best move