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iQualify Pro – Loan Origination Companion

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iOS 7.0 compatible. Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals: iQualify Pro will help you find out how much your client can afford to borrow or buy in seconds. Based on your client's income info, loan info, and your preferred lender requirements, iQualify Pro will calculate the max. qualified loan amount and purchase price in seconds.

Qualify Your Client in Seconds

***Improve Productivity & Customer Retention***

***Unique Feature***

***Flexible to Qualify Based on Different Lenders, Borrowers, and Loan Types***

***Conventional, VA, & FHA Loans***

***Ease of Navigation & Intuitive User Interface***

***Packed with Features***

***Mortgage Calculators***

iQualify Pro is developed by mortgage and real estate professionals. It is designed specifically for residential mortgage and real estate professionals, including loan agents, loan officers, loan processors, mortgage brokers, and realtors, to help improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

No other iPhone app on the App Store provides this feature.

The most power feature of this app is the ability to create different settings. The setting parameters include downpayment, property tax, insurance, PMI, front-end ratio, and back-end ratio. These parameters are set by the user based on the borrower's creditworthiness, the lender, the loan type, and locality.

This feature allows the user to setup the most commonly encountered loan scenarios for easy access. For example, the user can have one setting for FHA loans, one for VA loans, and one for conventional loans. In addition, the user can also setup different settings for borrowers with different FICO scores. For mortgage brokers, they can setup different settings for different wholesale lenders.

Finally, iQualify Pro is packed with features including two mortgage calculators, two built-in simple calculators, bookmarking, emailing, and more.

1.Lead or prospecting contact information feature
2.Customizable setting templates for different borrowers, lenders & loans.
3. Loan calculator
4.Ease of use – large number keypad
5.Ease of navigation – never have to scroll to input numbers
6.Intuitive & user-friendly user interface
7.Two convenient calculators within the app: adding debt payments & calculating monthly gross income
8.Email feature – email results to clients
9.Bookmark feature– save important calculations for future reference
10.Flexibility in setting up loan profiles for easy access
11.Maximum qualified loan amount calculation
12.Maximum qualified purchase price calculation
13.Monthly payment
14.Monthly housing payment summary
15.Total monthly payment summary
16.Amortization schedule
17.FHA, VA, and conventional loans
18.Help information available

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