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iKnowIt knows EVERYTHING!!! Just make a question and our powerful database will search over its 500000000+ records to give you the perfect answer.

Here are some examples:
Unit Calculations
•What is 100kg in lbs?
•What is 52 degree celsius in Fahrenheit?
•how many acres in a hectare
•36 pounds in stone
•100 g to pounds
•how far is the moon in inches
•convert 33 inches to feet
•is 1000 meter greater than 1 mile?
•how far is new york city from seattle in kilometers
•how many meters in 100 inches
•how far is a kilometer?
•is inch an si unit?
•what is 4 feet 3 inches in inches

Ages and dates of birth and death
•How old is Barack Obama?
•When is Britney’s birthday?
•Is Gordon Brown older than Barack Obama?
•When did Leonardo da Vinci die?
•Was George W. Bush alive on 5th July 1948?
•Who was US president when Barack Obama was a teenager?
•Who was born on christmas day 1899?
•Was Abraham Lincoln born in 1800?
•Who is older – Michelle Pfeiffer or Madonna?
Celebrity basic facts
•Is Angelina Jolie married?
•Who is Tiger Woods wife?
•How tall is Tiger Woods?
•Arnie weight?
•How heavy is Kobe Bryant?
•Michelle Obama height
•Was Bill Clinton married to Hillary Clinton in 1995?
•Was Alan Turing gay?
•Who is Audrey Hepburn’s mother?
•How did Charlton Heston die?
•What is the population of Vince Papale’s birth place?
•What was Agatha Christie’s job?
•Is Chris Evert male or female?
•What US states border New Mexico?
•Is Thailand in the Middle-East?
•List Voivodeships of Poland
•Where is Kilimanjaro?
•How tall is Mt Everest?
•What middle eastern countries border china?
•Iraq terrain?
•Tell me about Durmitor
•How far is Birmingham AL to Birmingham UK?
•What is Madingley’s latitude?
•List the seven wonders of the world
Human geography
•What is the capital of Florida?
•What is the GDP of Thailand?
•How many people live in Connecticut?
•Currency of Tenerife?
•What language do they speak in Palau?
•What is Kenya’s infant mortality rate?
•Australia’s life expectancy?
•Where is portuguese spoken
•Afghanistan defense budget
•What is the median household income in Maine?
•List Moscow’s airports
•what is the square root of 501?
•5 plus 8
•what is the difference between twelve and nine
•seven mod three
•134343 minus 3434
•99 divided by 11
•ten over twelve
•8 more than 100
•Cube root of 119
Type of questions
•what kind of insect is a butterfly?
•is a tomato a fruit?

And hundreds thousands more!!!