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Passgene (password generator)

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
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When you back up data to iTunes or iCloud please make sure to check the “encrypt backup data” box. Also, in case, please take some measures such as save all data on other media BEFORE you transfer the data to another terminal due to model change.

Passgene (password generator) is an application to create and manage passwords that corporate information system department and/or system administrators regularly change and one-time passwords for testing.
With Passgene, you can choose the number and types of characters and easily and automatically create passwords.

When creating passwords, it is important to generate the password that will not be easily thought of.
Passgene can easily create any complex password containing alphabetical characters, numeric characters and symbols.

[Major functions]
To generate passwords you can;
- choose types of characters from "alphabetical characters", "numeric characters" and "symbols" (you can choose 2 or more types),
- choose the number of characters from "4", "6", "8", "10", and "12",
- also edit the password you made,
- also type in arbitrary password (please choose "0"), and
- have simple ID management facility
(The generated IDs and passwords are not cooperative with other applications such as Safari. (Of course you can copy them.))

[Limit of the number of characters]
- Name: 30
- ID: 100
- Password: 30

- Passgene is produced by modulat inc. that protect corporate IT (JASDAQ 3043). Please search by “modulat”!
- Please ask us to support and create applications! For more information please contact us:
- Our clients may also contact our sales representatives.

- This software is subject to change, stop to open to the public, etc. without notice. We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damages caused by them.
- We do not take any responsibility for any loss, damages or prejudice caused by use of this software. Please use the software on your own responsibility.
- In the future, you may not use the software, or there may be troubles due to some spec change by Apple Inc., which we do not take any responsibility for.