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The purpose of this app is to help pre-school and first-grade children recognize and acquire the letters of the Alphabet through visualization in an easy and pleasant way.

To a great extent, the app can also help children with difficulties in learning to read.

The app, according to the ABC, has been designed giving each letter two pages.

On the left side of each page, the letter is incorporated into a drawing which outlines its shape.

This is followed by a short ‘green’ environmentally friendly story, as seen through the eyes of a young child, the purpose of which being to strengthen the connection between the name of letter and the image and its shape.

On the letter’s second page, the letter stands alone in the way that it is normally printed with a short explanation reinforcing the connection between the letter and the image.

We are sure that this app will prove a useful aid to both parents and teachers alike in helping the children to learn the ABC and ultimately, to read.

We feel also that they will enjoy these short little stories aimed at reminding us of the need to look after our beautiful Planet.

The author, Naomi Shoshani, is a graduate of the “Oranim” Academic College of Education where she earned a degree in General Education and one in Special Education.

In addition, Naomi also holds a further degree in Expressive Therapy from Leslie College, Boston and is a certified Didactic Diagnostician.

Naomi comes with vast overall experience in the field of Education, and many of the past twenty-six years have been spent in helping countless children with learning difficulties.