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Clock Tacular

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Clock Tacular has 4 Alarm Clocks and 4 Countdown Timers along with a very large Digital Clock for distance viewing. Fully Multi-Tasking aware, all alarms/timers will fire when the app is in the background and even when the iPad is off. All Portrait and Landscape orientations are supported, and there are 26 color Themes to choose from using futuristic graphics. You can have a separate Theme for Portrait and Landscape orientations, and a third theme for the Big Clock view. You can choose from 20 different sound fx for the alarms/timers. Time is displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour versions. The alarm clock automatically resets to fire the next day after dismissal. There is a brightness dimmer with 5 different levels, which is really useful for dimming when sleeping.

All 4 Countdown Timers have extra features that are useful for molecular biologists, lab technicians, and broadcast professionals, among others. They can also be used for simpler tasks such as cooking, workouts and training, timed medications, tracking your productivity, keeping yourself focused, reminding yourself to take breaks to rest your eyes every 10 minutes, and reminding yourself to take a break from the computer every 50 minutes to stretch and relax.

Each Countdown Timer with Pro Features has:
• A maximum time value of 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
• Individual Hours:Minutes:Seconds Up/Down buttons that rollover.
• Decrementing Progress Bar during countdown for quick visual inspection.
• Big Flashing Indicator when the countdown completes.
• Alarm Sound plays every 5 seconds when the countdown completes.
• Projected Finish Time.
• Incrementing Elapsed Time after the countdown completes.
• One-click time reset after countdown completes.
• One-click Clear HH:MM:SS to 00:00:00.
• NEW: Auto Restart with configurable delay.

See the screenshots below.
Be sure and check out the Quick Start Guide at the site.

Live Long and Prosper \\//


• 4 Alarm Clocks with 15 Minute Snooze
• 4 Countdown Timers
• Digital Clock
• Big Digital Clock View
• Portrait and Landscape Modes
• Fully MultiTasking and Background Aware

• Remaining Snooze Time Readout and Progress Bar, during Snooze.
• Alarms Clocks show the time remaining (and progress bar) until the next time they trigger.
• Alarm Clocks can be set using 12-Hour or 24-Hour parameters.

• All Countdown Timers have Auto Restart with configurable Delay Times.
• Auto Restarting Countdown Timers show the amount of time until the next restart.

• 26 Color Themes
• Separate Theme for Portrait and Landscape
• 20 Alarm Sound FX
• Date (Day Name, Weekday, Month, Year)
• 12 Hour or 24 Hour Time
• Brightness Dimmer (5 Levels)
• System Version Readout
• Millennium StarDate
• The Seconds Readout can be toggled On/Off
• Mute Sound FX, for Silent Operation
• Battery Status Readout and GUI.


If you have any questions, send them to

Use the same email address if you have suggestions for new features, general feedback, or if you discover a bug in the app.

Feedback is both welcome and encouraged. It helps me make the app as awesome as possible.