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-What’s a SocialFake?
A SocialFake is the best and most successful way to play jokes with all your friends on Facebook the famous Social Network .

-How does it work?
SocialFake is able to post on your wall news and links completely made-up by you.

Just fill in 4 lines: Title, Description, Web site, Image to create the news which you want!

You want to write that the web site has published the news that it has come into contact with UFOs and that they want to attack the earth? It’s easy!
Fill in:

-Title: NASA reveals: UFOs exist and they want to attack us!

-Subtitle: Today’s press releases NASA has admitted to have come into contact with UFOs since few hours after they had landed in Nevada Desert. More...

-Web site:

-Image: Ufo.jpg (image link)

And that’s it!
Post the news on your wall as if it were original and create mayhem among your friends!

Right! You can create the news you wish, from the web site you desire as if it were real!

Another example:
You want to write that the President has just resigned?
Fill in:

-Title: The President has just resigned from office.

-Subtitle: Today at 4:30 pm our President has signed his resignation because of the possible scandal in which he is involved. More..

-Web site:

-Image: president.jpg (image link)

Create endless SocialFake and create mayhem among your friends!

Have fun!