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Dr Kids Math Reversi

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"Dr Kids Math Reversi" is a brand new revolution of classic reversi board game. The objective of the game is not only to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over. We add a maths concept inside. Each piece has a score. The winner is the one who has the highest total score.

Simple Rules:
Just like classic reversi, the game is over when neither player has a move. Usually, this means the board is full. On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your colour. You must place the piece so that an opponent's piece, or a row of opponent's pieces, is flanked by your pieces. All of the opponent's pieces between your pieces are then turned over to become your color. You can capture vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows of pieces. Also, you can capture more than one row at once.

Oh! The magic of Math Reversi is here, when you turn over the pieces, the scores on the pieces will +1. (for example: Your opponent's piece is scored 2. When you turn over it, not only the piece belongs to you, the score on the piece will be changed to 3.)

The most exciting is try your best to keep your high score pieces and take the chance to stole your opponent's high score pieces. Let's try and think about your strategy. Go ahead!

Game Features:
* 3 different levels AI
* 12 characters
* 1P and 2P modes

YouApp 評語:
"這款黑白棋對以往枯燥的黑白棋進行了革新,共有十二款可愛人物造型,三種難度選擇,支持單人和雙人對決。 在規則上,除了努力吃掉對方棋子外,並采用計分的方法,提高遊戲的趣味性,看看誰的分數高。 選擇完人物後, 每下一步棋子, 都會在棋盤上落下人物頭像, 簡便易識。該軟件還貼心地通過“星星”提示小朋友該如何走下一步, 讓小朋友更能輕松上手, 找到其中的樂趣!!",

“Dr Kids Math Reversi”是一個全新革命性的黑白棋棋盤遊戲。遊戲的目標不僅是要比對手擁有更多棋子, 而是要動腦筋搶奪高分數的棋子, 並且保護自己的棋子。因為我們加了數學概念在裡面, 每一塊棋子都有得分。獲勝者就是一個擁有最高的總分的人了。,

棋盤共有8行8列共64格。雙方輪流落子。只要落子和棋盤上任一枚己方的棋子在一條線上(橫、直、斜線皆可)夾著對方棋子, 就能將對方的這些棋子轉變為我己方(翻面即可)。如果在任一位置落子都不能夾住對手的任一顆棋子, 就要讓對手下子。當雙方皆不能下子時, 遊戲就結束。,

哦!神奇的數學黑白棋就在這裡,每只棋子都有一個分數,當你翻轉對手的棋子時,棋子不單成為你的,棋上的分數更會加1。 (例如:你的對手的一只棋是2,當你翻轉它,棋上的分數將變為3。)